Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't forget to wave :)

So it has been a while. Sorry about that, but not much has been happening. Just the same ole, same ole: growing, eating, and pooping :) Of course, that is until yesterday. I actually wasn't there for the first time, but Mom (Jesse) was dropping Grace off at day care, and our little lady waved bye to Mom. So Mom called and shared the news with me (I know, it doesn't take much to excite us, does it). No, we love it. All the progress our Gracie is making is just wonderful. We love it. The big steps and the little ones. It is awesome. Okay, back to the story. Then this morning as I was leaving she waved to me. Oh, it was great.

Other than that, not to much is happening. Well Grace is teething, so bed time is fun. Mommy and I need some sleep. l0l No, it is okay, we just want our Grace to feel better. I actually got her some baby oragel today.

Oh, some exciting news. My cousin Cameron and his wife, Tammy, had there baby. A little boy, named Jackson. We're really excited and happy for them. We are going to try to get out to see them, and that little boy soon. Anyway, I'm so glad I now have someone my age that I can relate with.

Well, I will be back soon with more exciting news. Maybe Grace's first tooth. Or maybe Grace's first crawl on all fours. Or maybe just to let you know our baby girl is doing wonderful. We love her so much. Talk to you later. Thanks for reading.