Friday, November 23, 2012

Time sure flies

Hello all. :)  It has been quite sometime since my last post.  I apologize, but to make up for it I have plenty of updates :)  I think I mentioned Grace was starting dance class.  Well, it has been going okay.  Grace's mom and I have discussed it and we are going to finish this season of dance, and then let Grace make the decision if she would like to continue.  I think she likes it, but she may be a little intimidated being as young as she is.  However, she does seem to be learning some and that is great!!!!  I asked and she said she would like to try soccer next.  So our tiny dancer may not be on her way, but our future soccer star may be :)   Really Grace's mom and I just want to open as many doors as possible for Grace and let her make the decision to walk through.  I will keep you all posted on how it is going. 

Let's see...  what else... so much has happened it is difficult to keep up with.  Grace had her fourth birthday on October 22nd. :) The big gift this year was... wait for it...  EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our little Gracie is turning into a little lady. :) She did a great job too.  Her mom and I didn't give Grace the impression that it could be painful, so Grace sat down, the person pierced her ears, and that was that.  Grace didn't make a peep.  She just grinned real big.  We were so happy for her.  She looks really good too. :) We also put a party on for her at Chick-fila.  I didn't even know they did that.  Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun!!!! Grace had a bunch of guest and they all had a ball!!!  I took plenty of pictures which I will share soon. 

Oh yeah, over Labor Day I took Grace down to our lake house in TN.  Grace had a blast!!!  Fishing off the dock with her Papaw, going for rides on the boat, playing with her cousins, eating good food, and so much more.  Grace got to meet her Daddy's brother Lee.  She warmed up to her Uncle Lee immediately.  We pulled up and she came to him with open arms. :) Of course, Uncle Lee looks almost identical to Grace's Pe'pe', so that may have had something to do with it.  Regardless though, it all worked out ;)  Oh, and Grace did such a good job on the car ride.  It is pretty long trip, especially for a three year-old (she was three when we went on the trip), but she handled it just fine and actually had a lot of fun in the car with her cousins. 

Grace's other cousins on her mom's side, and her uncle and aunt have moved to Rock Hill.  Grace has really enjoyed that.  She loves her Aunt Katy bunches and has a lot of fun with the boys.  So that has been nice. 

Anyway, I have pictures of everything I have mentioned, and I will post them soon.  Grace, life is really just flying by!!!  You are growing up so well, and learning so much.  It is really exciting!!!!!  Your mom and I are so proud of you!!!  We love you so much.  xoxoxoxoxo