Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cleanliness is next to Graceliness

Hello folks, I was chatting with my brother on Facebook, and I was telling him about how Grace likes to help me clean. It made me realize I hadn't shared this info with all of you. :-) So here it goes.

I am a little obsessive compulsive. I always like to be doing something. So most of the time I try to stay busy cleaning and straightening things up. :-) Well, Grace has been able to see me do this since day one, so of course, she always wants to help. :-) THAT A GIRL, GRACE!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I like things to be clean) Anyway, Grace is a great helper. She likes to put her plate away after dinner, she likes to help me empty the dish washer, she likes to help me wipe things down (at least the stuff that is within her reach :-)), and she likes to help me sweep. Grace also likes to sit on the counter and watch me wash dishes. However, I'm not sure if she likes to do this to learn or if she just finds it amusing. :-) Oh yeah, she likes to help me put clothes in the washer and dryer, and take clothes out of the dryer. Then Grace will sit with me while I fold everything up. :-)

So as you can tell Grace is a great helper. Mommy and I are so proud of her. Grace, we love you so, so, so much. You keep being the little angel that you are. :-)

Everybody else, hope you enjoyed the story. ttyl


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Next American Idol!!! :-)

I have to tell you what Grace has been doing recently. I like to sing to her and she really enjoys it. Well lately Grace has started to try and sing back to me a little. :-) It is really cute. She hasn't sung any words yet, but she does a little "aaawwwwwww" or "eeeeeeeaahhh" or something like that. And she puts it to a little tune. It is really cute and really funny.

I know she will be singing right along with me in no time. Daddy's little vocalist. :-) Well, that is it for today. I just wanted to share that with you all. :-)

Love you, Grace!!!


Smartypants. For real.

Well, Grace may be a genius. :-) Okay, I don't know about that, but she is definitely above average. Here is the story:

This last weekend Grace, Mommy and I were outside playing with Grace's chalk. Grace and I were coloring on the driveway, and I said, "Grace, can you pass me the blue chalk?" What does she pass me? The blue chalk. So I say, "Grace, can you pass me the green chalk?" What does she pass me this time? The green chalk. There are six pieces of chalk colored blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. I went through every color and she handed me the right color each time. Mom and I thought that was pretty cool, considering Grace is not even 23 months yet. And not only does she visually recognize the colors she also can name the colors. Point at the color blue and ask her what color it is and she will tell you blue. :-) Grace is a smarty. :-)

Also this last weekend we were reading Grace a story about shapes, and she was able to do the same thing with most of the shapes as she could do with the colors. Point at a square and she will tell you it is a square, or ask which one is the square and she will point to the square. Grace did the samething with the circle, star, and triangle. It was pretty cool.

Grace, you are doing a great job developing!!!! Mom and I are so excited to watch you learn all these new concepts!! Keep up the good work Gracie-poo!! :-) Love you baby.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Okay already, HERE ARE THE PHOTOS :-)

Grace loving her Tiger

Waking up after a much needed nap

As we are leaving the zoo. She must have a had a really good time. :-)

Mom doing a crazy face. I don't think Grace is impressed. :-)

Grace and Mommy cooling off in a misty shower


More Exploring

And more exploring

Feeding the goats (whats is really funny about this photos is the fact Grace never opened her hand to let the goat eat the food; as we walked away Grace tried to eat it herself)

You go to a zoo to see exoctic animals and Grace is most impressed by the chickens :-) Figures.

I don't know why I look so angry in this photo :-)

Grace checking out the giraffes.

I think this is a cute/funny pic. Grace enjoying her icee

That monkey's arm is crazy big/long.

This was taken close to our arrival to the zoo. Grace still hasn't found her comfort zone.

ooooooohh, lions.

I like this photo :-)

At the Car Wash!!

Grace checking out her job well done. :-)

Grace had some interesting ideas about how to best wash the car :-)

Things were getting a little out of hand at this point and Grace had had just about enough :-)

She settled down though...

And got back to work :-)

I guess it is important to wash you driveway sometime. :-)


PS Mom made those briches. :-)
AND the dress Grace had on at the zoo!