Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Pics

Grace Update

Hello all!!! Wow, it has been quite some time since my last post. Sorry about that. Life gets real busy sometime. Anyway, I'm on here, so I'll go ahead and get straight to the point of this blog: GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) She is doing just great. She has grown so much and just as cute as can be!!! And she is just as smart as a whip!!! I tell you, Grace is something else.

Boy, I don't really know where to begin. Well, I think I have mentioned her hair in probably my last 10 post, so I'll start there. As you can probably imagine Grace's hair is even longer than is was the last time I mentioned it. The back of her hair has a few strands of those original baby curls. Mom and I just think they are adorable and are so scared they will not come back if we cut her hair, so we are not cutting it. Besides her bangs at least. Gracie has got to show off them beautiful eyes. :-)

Grace is getting taller too. Mom and I were looking at her one day and we both said have Grace's legs gotten longer. It is hard to believe. We look at baby pics of Grace, and we are just amazed at far she has come. Of course, give it a couple more years and we'll probably be even more blown away. I'm looking forward to it!!!

And Grace is so much like her Mommy, and at the sametime so much like her Daddy. Early on she was like me and was so happy in the mornings. Now these days once she is awake she is ready to go, but until then she is just like her Mommy and doesn't want to get up. It is really cute though. Grace will pull the covers over her head or bury her face in the pillow. :-) Mom and I will just sit there and watch her sleeping some mornings. :-) This morning Grace was real cute. This doesn't really have to do with her not wanting to get up, but when I went up stairs to wake her she was giggling and smiling in her sleep. It must have been a really good one too. I can only imagine: exploring with Dora and Boots, or swimming with Spongy B (the nick name I gave Sponge Bob Square Pants) and Patrick. Whatever it was, Grace was enjoying it. Then mean old Dad had to wake her up. I'm pretty nice about it though. I turn on the TV and put on one of Grace's shows, and let that wake her.

Now Grace is doing a lot of things she didn't use to do, so let me go down the list. :-) First off, Grace brushes her teeth these day, and she uses the big girl flouride toothpaste. She also has been sleeping in her own big girl bad recently. Now I cannot tell a lie, so she has been sleeping with Mommy and Daddy the past couple nights, but for a while there she was using her big girl bed every night. Oh my goodness!!! I haven't mentioned the biggest news of all. GRACE WHERES BIG GIRL PANTIES NOW!!!! Now I hope you all realize how big this news is. Not only our Mom and Dad super psyched because no more diaper bills, but also cause we get to look that cute little behind of Grace's. And let me just tell you, it is really cute in those panties. :-)

Okay, I still have a lot I want to say, but work is getting pretty busy. So I guess I will get back to that :-) Anyway, stay tuned. I hope to be back real soon with a lot more exciting news about the star of this blog: Grace!!!! :-) Thanks for reading.