Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Second Christmas :-)

Well, Grace celebrated her second Christmas. I think she had a good time. I don't know if she really understands Christmas yet, but I do think she realizes something special is going on. Or at least something different than the usual. :-) Anyway, I took the day of Christmas eve off and that night we went to Ta'Ta' Brenda's and Popo Halsey's. :-) We saw a lot good friends and family, and Grace seemed to have a great time and was very well-behaved.

My cousin Cameron was there with his family. Cameron and his wife Tammy have a little one too. There little one, Jackson, is 7 months, so Grace had a buddy while we were there. They were real cute together. I hope as Grace and Jackson grow they become as good of friends as Cameron and I are.

While at the party everybody commented on how cute Grace is. Mommy and I love hearing that and thank everybody for there kind words. We were at the Christmas Eve party passed Grace's bed time, so needless to say she slept well that night. :-) We woke up that morning and let Grace open her gifts. To tell the truth she really wasn't interested in opening the gifts. Not to say she didn't enjoy her gifts once she started playing with them, she just had a tough time getting through the wrapping paper and would get her frustrated. Mommy and I helped though. :-)

After opening gifts Christmas morning we headed down to Me'me' and Pe'pe's. We also picked up Grandma Pat, Grace's Great-grandmother, before we showed up. We were so happy that Grandma Pat was able to spend the day with us. It was a really nice day. We had a lot of good conversation and ate some wonderful food.

Anyway, we stayed the rest of the weekend with Me'me' and Pe'pe'. They had a great time seeing Grace. They played with her and she talked to them. Well, she talked her talk. :-) Oh yeah, she was saying thank you all weekend. Me'me' emptied out a cabinet for her to play in, and as she took the pots out of the cabinet Grace helped. Me'me' would hand her a pot and say thank you and Grace would grad the pot and say thank you. It was real cute, and you know Mommy and I loved it. Our baby is a polite young lady. :-)

It was a wonderful weekend and second Christmas. Grace, we love you very much and are so proud of you. You are growing and learning so much, we are loving every minute of it. Thank you Grace, and thank you reader's. :-)

PS Mommy and I would like to thank Me'me' and Pe'pe' for taking care of Grace Saturday night, so Mommy and I could go to the movies.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Follow the leader :-)

Merry Christmas to all our readers!!! We hope you all have a wonderful and safe time.

Last time I told you about Grace using the potty. That was exciting!!! Well now not only will she go to the potty, but if Mom and I ask her if she needs to use the potty she'll start walking towards the bathroom. She also starts walking to the bedroom when we ask her if she is ready to go night night. :-) It is really sweet to watch Grace do this. :-) Whether potty time or night night, Grace won't say anything; she'll just get up and make her way to either the potty or the bed. Mom and I are so proud with all she is learning!!! She is really growing up. Grace turned 14 months old yesterday. She is growing so fast. I know I've said it before, but it is really amazing to watch. The time is only going to go by faster as she grows, and it makes me real happy to be able to share these special moments with all of you.

On another note, Grace is still teething a lot. I hate it cause she seems to be in pain a lot of times, and there is only so much Mom and I can do. Grace will get there soon enough though. Before we know it she will be losing those baby teeth and growing her permanent teeth. Then the Tooth Fairy gets to start visiting and stealing my money. :-) Just kidding.

We love our Grace so much. She is our life. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Potty Time!!!!

Hello all. Grace is doing great. She is learning and growing so much. Mommy and I are so proud. We all had a real good weekend. On Saturday we did some Christams shopping for Grace. We got her a booster seat to eat in, a foam chair with a pink princess covering, and we got her a potty. :-) Grace is only 13 months, but I figured it is never to early to start learning to use the potty.
So we got home after our shopping and I put Grace on her potty. And guess what!!!! She did a tinkle!!!! :-) Mommy and I were so happy!!! Mommy was so happy that she took a picture of Grace's tinkle and sent it to Ma'tee. :-) I don't think Grace completely understood what she had done but we praised and applauded her, and I think that let her know what she had done was a good thing. I guess it might not be that big of deal, but it was a step on the way to using the potty all the time and I am very pleased about it. :-) Oh, and I put her on the pot a few more times and she tinkled again. Last night I put her on the pot and she went number 2 for me. :-) So we are taking baby steps. :-) It will take some time and practice, but we will get there.
Grace really likes her little chair too. She sits in it and puts her hands up and pats them up and down. :-) It is real cute.
I think everything we got her makes her feel like a big girl. We put her right up to the table in her booster seat and she eats with us, she sits down in her chair and watches TV with Mommy and I, and she sits on her potty and goes to the bathroom, well at least sometimes. :-)
Anyway, Grace is doing great. Mommy and I couldn't be happier. We both thank you all for reading and keeping up with Grace. Grace, we love you very much, oceans full, and are very proud of you. Everybody else, take care and keep reading. :-) Daddy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello all,

Grace is doing great!!! This morning was exciting!!! Mommy and I give Graces lots of hugs and lots of kisses, and we always ask for a kiss back. Well we haven't had much luck with the return kiss until this morning!!! It was really sweet and really cute. Mom was holding her, gave her a kiss, and asked for one back. Grace leaned in and put her lips to Mom's. Well I was jealous :-), so I came over and asked for a kiss and she leaned to me and put her lips to mine. I didn't here a muuaahhh noise, but you could tell what she was doing. It was really special and it made Mommy's and my morning. :-)

Other than that, everything is well. Grace continues to grow and learn. She is always pointing at things wanting to know what they are, and she loves looking at books. It wouldn't surprise me if she turned out to be a big reader. I don't read much, but Mom and her side (you Aunt Katy :-)) are big readers.

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and Grace, Mommy and I are looking forward to going to Me'me's and Pe'pe'. I'm sure we will have a great time. I'll post something after the holiday and let you all know how it went. :-) Grace, you are so special and Mommy and I love you so much. Oceans full baby. :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shes a talker!!!!

Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you on Grace. She is doing great!!!! We had a great weekend with her, especially with the beautiful weather we have had. Anyway, Grace has been real vocal lately. I guess she has realized she has a voice, and she likes to use it!!! :-) She has been talking for a while, but lately she has just been talking a lot. And she is actually talking on the phone too. When I used to put the phone up to her ear to listen to Me'me' or Ma'tea she would just listen. But I was speaking with Me'me' yesterday and put Grace on the phone, and she was just talking up a storm. Nothing that actually made since, of course, but she is trying. She'll be talking for real soon I'm sure. I can't wait. :-)

Grace is walking real well these days. You can't stop her. :-) Grace is always on the move. She takes a tumble occasionally, but she is really getting the hang of it. Mom and I took her for a walk outside on Sunday. She loved it. We have taken Grace outside in the stroller before, but this was the first time she got to walk outside. She loved it. She got to feel the grass and pick up rocks. I know that sounds really interesting :-), but for her it was something new and I think she really enjoyed it. :-) Hopefully this nice weather will stick around and we will be able to take her out some more.

Other than that Grace is doing really well. She is learning and growing. Mom and I are so proud of her. We love you so very much, Grace.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Happy Birthday to Grace, Happy Birthday to Grace, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, beautiful girl in the world, Happy Birthday to Grace!!!!!!! :-)

Well today is a really, really exciting day!!!! Grace turns one today!!!! Today is a great day!!!! Here is the one-year update: Grace is walking a lot these days. The walking has been going on for a while, but she is really starting to master it. :-) She is talking a lot these days too. As you know she is saying stuff like, Mama, Dada, and baba, but she is also saying stuff like bye (as well as waving), please, thank you, :-) and unfortunately, no. :-( Some of the words are not completely clear, but Mom and I recognize them. :-) There are a lot more words too, I just can't think of them right now. TBI!!! ;-) Grace is eating really well. She is up to big person food. Mom and I of course chop it up into small pieces, but she is eating it. Grace loves her veggies too. That is great, but she loves her sweets just as much. Hehehe She's got the Robinson sweet tooth. Grace has cut a lot of teeth too. It has been tough on her, but she is popping them out, left and right. Our baby girl is a morning girl. She will wake up, and just like Dad, be in a great mood. That makes the mornings a lot easier. I am always willing and ready to get up with her. :-) Anyway, the first year has been a great one. It has had it's up and downs (more ups, of course), but for the most part it has been great. Grace you have been such a blessing to Mommy and I. Without you I don't where we would be. I am sure on this though. We would not be in as good a place as we are. You lighten up everyones eyes that you meet, especially Mom and mine. You continue to lighten up Mom's, Me'me's, Ma'tea's, Pepe's, Papa John's, Arianna's, Landon's, and mine. We love you so much Grace. Ocean fulls and forever. For me Grace, you are the light of my life. You have saved me. Thank you so much, baby. Mommy and I are so proud of you. Three cheers for Grace on her birthday. :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy First Birthday Grace!!!!

Mommy pregnant with Grace:

Grace is born 10/22/2008:

Grace turns one month old: Grace turns two months old: Grace turns three months old: Grace turns four months old:
Grace turns five months old:

Grace turns six months old:

Grace turns seven months old:

Grace turns eight months old:

Grace turns nine months old:

Grace turns ten months old:

Grace turns 11 months old: Grace turns one!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!! Happy Birthdayyyy tooo youuuu!! Happy Birthdaayyyyy dearr Graceeeeee Happpy Birthhdayyyyy toooo youuuu!!! And Many More!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A visit from family :-)

Okay, so Ma'tee, Aunt Betsy, and cousin Emily came through town the other day. I was at work, but Mom and Grace got to see them and they really enjoyed the visit. Anyway, Ma'tee or one of them took some great pictures and I wanted to share them with everybody. One of the pics, and you'll know which one, cracks me up. Grace is looking at a gift (a book), and her face looks like she is thinking, "are you kidding me?" :-) I think all of you will really enjoy!!! Other than that Grace is doing well. She has her first birthday next week. YEAR ONE!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! It is exciting. I tell you, time really flies. Yesterday she couldn't do anything, and today she is a big girl. We love you so much Grace!!! You are our angel. :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Grace's first weekend away from Mom and Dad

So this last weekend was an exciting one!!!! Grace spent her first night away from Mommy and I. She stayed with Me'me and Pe'pe'. Her cousins, Arianna and Landon, were also there. We took Grace down to meet Me'me' on Saturday and picked her up Sunday afternoon. Apparently she had a great time!!!!! :-) She played, laughed, and just had a lot of fun, which is great. I am really happy she enjoys spending time with her grandparents and her cousins. :-) I was a little scared at first. When we were meeting Me'me' to drop Grace off and we moved her from our car to Me'me's car, she had a face like, "what are ya'll doing? I hope you are both getting in here with me." We called to check on here after they drove off and she was fine. So that was good. Mommy wasn't doing as good though. She was probably more scared than Grace. Which I understand. We took a big step this weekend. Grace had never been away from us for a night before. Me'me' said she had a ball with everybody though. Arianna and Landon played with her and Me'me' and Pe'pe' played with her. The only part of that was tough was the night time. Grace is teething real bad right now. Her poor little gums are so swollen. They were hurting her on Saturday night and it made for a pretty restless night for everybody, but when we showed up on Sunday Grace was happy as a lark. Oh, one funny thing: Mom and I had a date night and at one point we found ourselves looking at the pictures of Grace on my camera. :-) We love our little girl. So very much, Gracie. You are our world. Anyway, needless to say it was an exciting weekend for everybody.

Just a quick update: Grace is walking so well these days. She is getting really good at it. :-) She'll be going on jogs with me before you know it :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


For Halloween, we got the cutest little Tinkerbell costume for Grace. However, I think she is better suited for Frankenstein:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just an update :-)

Well, I haven't posted anything lately, so I figured it was about time. :-) Grace is doing wonderful. She is growing and learning so much. It is really amazing to watch!!! Every step she takes makes her take the next that much faster. Grace is walking these days. She hasn't perfected it yet, but she is definitely on her way. We went over to some friends house and they had some children. One was just a few months older than Grace and was walking all over the place. So I am sure Grace will be doing the same soon, and from the looks of it that is going to keep Mom and I pretty busy :-) What else? Grace is eating real well. Solids too. She likes peahes, bananas, green beans, peas, carrots, crackers, and well, a lot of other stuff. She also has a sweet tooth like her daddy. We have let Grace have a popsicle before. She liked that, but it was kind of a mess. Mom and I were having ice cream cones and Grace loved those. I think ice cream will be her poison. :-) It is mine and Pe'pe's. :-) Oh, one time while visiting Me'me' and Pe'pe' we let her try some key lime pie. Once we start it is hard to stop. :-) Grace really likes those sweets and she doesn't like when we try taking them away from her. Okay, what else? She is talking a lot too, these days: mama, dada, baba, bye bye, cya, and lots of distinguishable words, but she is definitlely on her way to talking as much as her daddy. :-) Thats okay though cause we'll probably just talk to each other. I can't wait!!! Well, I just wanted to update everybody with what is new. I'm also posting some very recent pics. They are real good ones. :-) Enjoy and thanks for reading. We love you Grace. You are doing great, and Mom and I are so proud of you. You are our angel. :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Have Named My Heart....

Grace turns 11 months!!

Woah, time has flown by and Grace has grown sooo sooo much!!! Yesterday was Grace's first day in the "big girl" room at her day care. Things that are different in the big girl room are that, they take a three hour nap from 11-2 on mats instead of in a crib, they sit at a little table in a chair and eat their snacks and lunch, they all wear shoes (so that they can go outside and play), and no bottles! Of course, I brought her bottles as well as the sippy cups just in case. I was a little nervous about her moving up, but I knew that she would more than thrive with the big kids. I dropped her off at 7:30, and at 9:30 called to check in on her, and was told that she was happy and playing. At 11:30, I went to visit her and she was sound asleep on her mat. She didn't take a bottle to go to sleep, the teacher just laid down with her and patted her back. I went and bought Grace some shoes after this, then at 12:30 went back to daycare to check in on her one more time, and she was STILL asleep!!! Then, at 3:00 pm, I called again to check in on her, and she was outside playing with her friends!! oh my, so grown up!! When I went to pick her up at 5, the teacher said that she never cried, and was very very happy and well adjusted!!!! I am soo proud of my little bebe....however, I am sad that she has grown up so much already. Last night, after seeing Grace rub her eyes a few times, I decided to put her to bed. Up until last night, the routine was to make a bottle and lay down with her and feed until she fell asleep. Well, last night was a 180, she didn't want the bottle, and I just layed there with her and she shut her eyes and within 10 minutes she was sound asleep. Three cheers for Grace!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Reign of Mama :-)

This last week Grace finally said Mama. The first time she said it in her sleep. I didn't actually hear it, but Mom said she did. Well a couple days passed and then Grace said Mama again, but this time while she was awake. So needless to say Mommy is really happy about this. It was funny to, because once she said it that was all she said. I guess Grace was making up for lost time and all the Dadas. :-)

We took Grace to her Me'me and Pe'pe's this last weekend. That is where a lot of the Mamas took place. Grace did a great job this weekend too. She was happy (as always) and she slept pretty well. She has been doing a lot better with her sleeping lately. Some nights she sleeps the whole time and other nights she only wakes up once. Mommy and I appreciate it, Grace. :-) Anyway, Me'me' and Pe'pe' really enjoyed the weekend with her. We went on walks and we played. It was a great time. Me'me' got to give Grace a bath, and they both really enjoyed that. Grace is so cute. When we give her baths she started doing this thing where she will lean over to put her face in the water, and then look up with the biggest grin. :-) She had done that before for Mommy and Mom told me how cute and funny it was. Well, she did it for Me'me' this weekend and I was in the bathroom with them. It is very cute. I'm happy I got to see it. Grace loves bath time. :-)

So everything is going well and Grace is doing a great job. Mommy and I love you very much, Grace. Thank you for finally saying Mama. :-) Mommy is really happy about that. Don't forget about Dada though. :-) jk Keep up all the good work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taking baby steps :-)

So this was an exciting weekend!!!! Our little girl took her first steps!!!! She was so proud of herself. Actually, the story is pretty funny. I was on the phone and Mom was sitting with Grace. I was busy talking and Mom had this really exicted look on her face. Well Grace was taking a few steps. I totally saw it, but because I was on the phone the fact I saw the steps didn't really register. :-b What can I say? TBI... :-) Anyway, once I understood what had just happened I also got the excited look on my face. Then Grace saw our excitement and she got excited about what she was doing. It was really cool to watch it happen. Now every time Grace takes some steps on her own she is smiling ear to ear. :-)

Grace is only up to about four to five steps, but she is on her way. Mom and I practice with her all the time. So before we know it she is not just going to be walking all over the place, but running all over the place. :-) I can't wait. Grace is going to be my jogging partner. :-)

Grace, Mommy and I are so proud of you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. We love you very much. Oceans full.

PS Viewers, we will get a video on here of her walking soon :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This a picture of our baby digging through the toy box at daycare. I think it is really, really cute. I don't really have anything to say this time, but I wanted to share this picture with everyone. Look at her. Grace is hard at work :-) Oh, to be a child again. Those were the good ole' days. Oh, I can talk about last weekend. Ma'Tee, Grace's grandmother, came to visit. Both Ma'Tee and Grace really enjoyed each other. Mommy (me too) was happy to see her mommy too. :-) Unfortunately, Grace was feeling the best (her upper gums are really swollen; she has a bunch of teeth getting ready to break through). So some of the weekend she was a little cranky, but for the most part she was her happy little self. She played in the bath tub and let Ma'Tee clean her up. Grace and Ma'Tee took naps together. Oh, also Ma'Tee and Mommy took a ton of pictures. Grace, Mommy and I would like to thank Ma'Tee for her visit and tell her we love her and can't wait to see her again. Hopefully sooner than later.

I'll rap it up in my usual way. Grace we love you very much and are so proud of you. You are doing great.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend with the Great-grandparents :-)

Well, we went to my folks house this weekend. Grace not only got to see her grandparents, but also her cousins, Landon and Arianna, and her great-grandparents, Ninnie and Papaw. I was really happy Grace got to see her Ninnie and Papaw. They haven't had many chances to see her, and I really wanted them to be able to enjoy Grace. I got some photos of her with Ninnie and Papaw, and I've posted them to the right.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. We got there a little after noon on Saturday. When we got there all of us went to the swimming pool. I got some really good pics of Grace in the pool too, and I'll post them above. After the pool we came home and just relaxed. My parents made a wonderful dinner for all of us. Everybody enjoyed. Oh, and the dip. :-) We have to talk about the dip, right Ninnie. :-) Sorry, inside joke between everbody there this weekend. Hehehe Other than that, we just really enjoyed each other's company. Grace showed off her two bottom teeth that she has cut. She practiced her walking with just about everybody. They were all so impressed with Grace. They all loved her smile and said how happy of a baby she is. Mom and I feel truly blessed and love our baby girl so much. She is my angel. I am a better man with her in my life. Thank you, Grace. I love you.
PS It was great seeing everybody. We love you all. Enjoy reading :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking steps :-)

So apparently, Grace took some steps. It happened at day care, so unfortunately, Mom and I were not there to see it. But Grace is on her way. :-) She also cut another tooth. This one is on the top. The teeth are exciting, but it is giving our little girl a tough time. It is pretty painful and is making for some tough sleeping. Mom and I are trying to take care of her though. We're using Oragel and trying to give her stuff to take her mind off the pain. Other than that Grace is doing great, and Mom and I are so proud of her!!!

Recently, I went to a wedding of some high school friends (my good friends AJ and Melissa). Mom and Grace were able to make it to the reception, and I was able to show both of them off to all my friends. Everybody loved both of them and we had a great time. They were all especailly taken with Grace. It took her a minute to get comfortable in the new setting, but once she did she warmed everybodies heart. We actually got a really good picture of her and myself high fiving each other. :-) If anyone knows me, they know I love the high five and I have taught Grace to give me a high five. She is a clever one. :-) Anyway, I'll be posting the pic for everybodies enjoyment. As always, thank you everyone for reading, and Grace, we love you!!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catch me if you can!!!!! :-)

Hello all. Well, Grace is on the move all the time now. Nothing is stopping her. :-) She crawls so quick, is trying to climb everything, and she is starting to try and stand on her own. So needless to say, Mom and I are pretty busy, but I love it!!!! :-) Grace is making so much progress, and really quickly. It is really cool to watch. All of you that have children of course know this, and all of you that do not will really enjoy it once you do.

Mom told you all in the previous post that Grace cut a second tooth. :-) My mom told me that once one comes the rest will follow pretty quickly. She was right. Of course, mothers are always right. :-)

Oh, the other night we had a thunder storm. This thunder was so loud, it was practically shaking the house. Mom woke up. I woke up. Grace slept like a log. :-) Thats my girl. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, Grace is doing great. We love her so much. I'll be back soon with more updates. :-) Thanks for reading. Dad

This little piggy says "STOP"!

So, I suppose I was being over zealous when I said "Picture a Day"! Seeing that Grace keeps us so busy, it might end up being more like "Picture Once a Month...if your lucky". Sorry guys..!

Last night, one of my best friends, Rachael Hilton, came over (she is 9 months preggers, over her due date! btw), I looked at Grace and said "Say hi to Aunt Ra Ra", and she plain as day said "Ra Ra", it was sooo cute, and i think just what Aunt Ra Ra needed. Other things that Grace says are "hey", "bye", "stop", and "dada". No, "mama" yet, sigh, sigh, tear, tear.

We found another tooth this past Monday night...! so, yea for her!!

This past weekend, I had my best friend, Pookie (Elizabeth) from high school come visit us, and Grace was so enamored with her!!!! If we (me, kev and Pookie) would sit on the ground with Gracie poo, Grace would go to her every time....she just loves her! So here are some pictures of our fun weekend:

Okay, so I am done fighting with blogger, the picture from this weekend is at the top!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pearly Whites are on their way!!!!

So Grace has been working on cutting her first tooth for a while, and this weekend it happened!!!!!! :-) Well, sort of. You can see the tooth getting ready to pop through the skin and you can feel it. It is exciting, but I think it is hurting our little girl some. Grace is a soldier though, and making the best of it, of course. But is making for some sleepless nights. :-( For all of us. No biggie though, we just want our Gracie Poo to feel better. Anyway, all is well other than that. Grace is loving crawling. She is all over the place. It is really a lot of fun to watch her move around, or to crawl with her. No other updates that I can think of. I'll be back soon to let you know how things with Grace are going. We love you, Grace. :-) Thanks all.

update/revision by mommy
Grace's tooth has broken through the skin! yay!! On Friday of this past week, you could see that the tooth was coming through the skin, however, yesterday (Sunday) you could feel the tooth!! With her first tooth, come major drooling, coughing, and a baad diaper rash....poor girl! No worries though, Mom is here, and visiting Grace at daycare at lunch everyday to see her little pumpkin head!

oh yeah, and remember to go look at our videos...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picture A Day!

So, I will try and post a picture a day. Now, that doesn't mean it will be from that particular day!! Things are getting even crazier than they were before, however we do seem to be getting more sleep lately than 8 months ago. Grace is just crawling everywhere. When she first starting crawling, she never went out of the living room, so whenever we would walk out of the room she would cry. Now she has no inhibitions about that, she follows us from room to room getting into whatever she can get her hands on....even if that means if she has to stand on her tippy toes and hold her hands up wayyyy in the air to see what she can grab with her sticky fingers.

This pictures reminds me of a self portrait that you will find on myspace and facebook of just about everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Tube Videos!

Go to youtube.com and search for my name: jessicapeppel one word, and you will find all the videos that I have uploaded...They are ALL of Grace, with an exception of two thus far. The exceptions are of the wonderful Jarnigan Family Reunion.

My Cutie Patootie Gracie!!!!

Here is my adorable little bebe!!