Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1/2 way to a year :)

So today is Grace's six month birthday!!! :) Our girl is growing up. I tell you, time flies. Mommy and I are going to turn around and Grace will be a grown up. In my last post I wrote about her trying to talk. Can you imagine that one of these days, which I'm sure will come sooner than later, Grace will be graduating high school, and then college. After that she'll be on her way to her first job and marriage. WOW!!!! :) It is going to be fun.

I can remeber like it was yesterday, Grace being a tiny lil' thing. It took me a while to realize it cause I see her every day, but she really has gotten big. It is really apparent when Mommy and I look at early photos of Grace. I say I'm excited to see her grow and I am, but I am sure I will miss these baby days. It is going to be quite a trip watching her grow though. I cannot wait for all the exciting accomplishments. She has already had a bunch and I have been so proud of her, but there are so many more right around the corner.

I love you, Grace!!! Way to go, you're doing a great job!!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally, Dad will have some one that talks as much as he does :)

So our girl is doing great!!! Last night Grace was very vocal. Not just coos and caas, but sounds that were pretty close to words!!! :) She said things like "va va" and "ba ba." She was probably talking about a bottle, but Mommy and her were playing and she didn't act like she wanted a bottle. I think she was just trying to sound stuff out. You know, just practicing her sounds. So that was real exciting. :) Mommy and I were both trying to get her to say Mama and Dada for the rest of the night. Of course, Mommy wants Grace to say Mama first and I want her to say Dada first. Who will win? :) We won't really care, we'll just be happy she spoke.

I am surprised she hasn't spoke already. Mommy and I talk to her all the time. If she is anything like her Daddy, then I'm sure she has got plenty to say. I'm so excited for her first word. Grace and I will talk all time. Not that I don't already :)

Oh yeah, we have been feeding Grace every night: Apple Sauce, Bananas, and Butter Nut Squash, so far. She seems to like it all. She definitely likes the apple sauce. The bananas took a time or two, but last time I fed the bananas to her she loved them. We gave Grace the squash for the first time last night. She seemed to like it.

Well that is all for now. Our little girl is getting big. Grace will be a little lady in no time. :) Talk to you next time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Easter : )

So Grace celebrated her first Easter this last weekend. She got to celebrate it with Me'Me' and Pe'Pe' on Saturday, and with Ma'tea and Papa John on Sunday. It was a really good weekend. As always, she was a pleasure to be around. Especially with her grandparents. She loves them so much. I'm excited about next Easter, because then Grace will be out there carrying her on Easter basket searching for eggs :) This year she kind of just sat in her basket. But thats okay, cause I think she had fun.

Anyway, on a side note, Mommy and I fed Grace last night. The exciting part about that is that we fed her solid food. Well, I guess you would call it solid, but really it was more of a mush :) It was her first time trying solid food like that. We have fed her the baby rice before, but most of the time it was mixed with formula. So last night was a big step. We fed her the apple sauce kind. The first couple of faces she made were funny, but I think she started to like it. Which is not surprising, because for the past while everytime Mom and I have ate dinner she has seemed so amazed by what were doing. I can't wait for her to start eating. Mommy and I are going to introduce her to all of the good foods out there. We are not picky eaters, and we don't want Grace to be either. Next time I'll let you all know how it is going with the feeding. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grace making moves, inch by inch!!! :)

So this weekend was pretty chill. Grace did do something really exciting on Friday night. I was on the phone with my mother and Grace was playing with her Mommy. She was on her stomach looking at Mom. All of a sudden Grace started scooting around. :) She didn't really go any where, but she did move forward and turn a little. She was working so hard, and it paid off. So I'm sure she will be crawling in no time. If you could have seen her you would have been so impressed. I think she still needs to get a little more upper body strength, but those legs were working. She would dig her toes into the carpet and scoot herself along, inch by inch. It was amazing to see. She looked so happy with herself, and she should be. Of course, Mommy and I were going crazy cheering her on, laughing and clapping. I guess we are in a really exciting time right now. Grace is making all of these developments. It is really cool. We plan on getting a video camera soon, so we can catch all of these developments on camera and share them with you all. :) Anyway, just wanted to keep you posted.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tifton visit

Here are some fun pictures of Grace visiting MaTee in Tifton GA!! We had such a good time visiting, and Grace misses her MaTee already, and can't wait to see her at Easter!! yayaya

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I wonder what babies think and dream. I often find myself watching Grace while she is sleeping, and will see her laugh, giggle, make a sad face or cry. Sometimes she will flail her arms like she is having a falling dream. Maybe she is flying to a room where she finds many colorful objects that are the perfect size to put in her mouth, as she gets frustrated when awake and can't fit mom's big head perfectly into her mouth. haha. Anyway, here is my visual of Grace in her dream.

Our girl is moving right along :)

So Grace is doing great!!!! She is over 5 months now, and she is moving right along. She is rolling over now, like a champ!!!! The only thing that is tough about that is that it makes changing a little more difficult :) Thats alright though. I guess she is trying to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes :) I think she is gonna be crawling soon too. I lay her on her stomach in front of me and I'll get a couple of feet away. She loves it. She gets the biggest grin every time, and I can tell she wants to come to me!! She'll raise her legs and wiggle around. Eventually, after all that hard work, she'll kind of do a face plant, and I'll pick her up and give her a break :) So I'm sure Grace we'll be scooting all over the place. Soon. :)

Grace is all girl too. She is the dantiest little thing you have ever seen. Her actions are so dramatic. When she sleeps she'll have her hands raised, or covering her face. It is so cute. I'm so in love with her. :) She is my little angel. :)

Grace is very vocal too. She is always cooing or giggling or grunting or trying to talk. I wouldn't be surprised if she started talking soon. Mommy and I are always talking to her, and we do it in a very happy way. Which is what I think has made Grace the happy girl she is.

Okay, I'll close for now. Thank you all for being so sweet to me and my girls. We love you all. :)

Cam and Tammy's Baby Shower

Well, this last weekend Grace and I went to my cousin Cam's baby shower. Mom was going to go with us, but came down with something, and was a little under the weather. She is feeling better now :) Anyway, Grace was such a good girl. Everybody was so impressed with her. Grace is such a happy baby. She was all smiles. We didn't stay long though. It was an evening baby shower and I didn't want to keep Grace out too late. So we stayed about an hour, and then we got out of there. I did end up keeping her out past her bedtime, but she feel asleep on the way home and I got her in bed as soon as we got back.

So because Mom wasn't feeling well I was the man this weekend. I was taking care of both of my girls. I really enjoyed all of the quality time I got with Grace. She kept me busy, but just playing, laughing, and having fun. Mommy and I love her so much. Actaully, Mommy was having Grace withdrawals because she couldn't get close to her since she was sick ;) Anyway, It was another good weekend.