Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig :-) FINALLY :-)

Well, Grace, Mom, and I moved into our house last week. We are just loving it. It feels great. I think Grace is still getting used to the new surroundings, but for the most part she is doing fine.

Really the only thing I have noticed that is different about her is bath time. She is not really happy about bath time these days. When we were at the apartment she couldn't wait for bath time. If Mom or I mentioned bath time she would start walking to the bathroom. :-) But if you mention bath time at the new house she freaks out and not in a good way. Of course, once we get her in the tub she starts to enjoy herself. It is actually getting easier everytime. I am sure it is just adjustment period for her.

Anyway, the house looks great. Me'me' and Pe'pe' came down this last weekend and helped us unpack and get a few things we needed. Thank you very much Me'me' and Pe'pe'. We love you both very much. Oh that reminds me of something funny. Grace will say Me'me'. And when she says it she says it very sweet. Well, we hadn't heard her say Pe'pe' until this last weekend. And when she said she said it in a deep, grumbling kind of way. It was hilarious. :-) I'm laughing thinking about it. But in all seriousness, we really appreciate all the help. Thank you.

Then Mommy took off on Monday and knocked out a good deal of the left over boxes. Thanks Mommy. :-)

So with a little hard work and a little help Grace's, Mommy's and my house is starting to look like a home rather than a storage shed. The majority of the boxes are unpacked and the ones that are not are in the spare bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind. :-) No, we will get to them soon. :-)

Now we are just waiting on the blinds to be delivered and the we will still need to buy a few fans. I tell you what, Mommy and I are loving this. Everytime we do something it is like a new experience because it is in our home. Not an apartment. Taking a shower, eating at the dinner table, driving home, pulling into the driveway. It is all so nice. :-)

Oh, how could I forget. Grace's favorite part of the house is of course the stairs. If it were up to our little girl that would be where we spend all our time. :-) I let her practice going up and down occasionally, but I of course help out the whole way. Or at least stand by her as she goes up and down. Grace is getting pretty good at it. She'll be rock climbing before we know it. :-)

This weekend is supposed to be in the 80s, so I plan on taking Grace with me when I go on my run. I can't wait to try out the running trails in the neighborhood, and I really hope Grace enjoys it so we can make it something we regularly do.

Let me update you on Grace. Her speech is getting a lot better. Especially with the word "NO". :-) I know, we are working with her. I think it will just be a phase. At least I hope. :-) She is growing a bunch and she seems to be healthy. I am looking forward to the follow-up visit with the doc that put the tubes in her ear. I hope everything will be looking good.

Okay, I will let you go. Grace, we love you so much baby. You are our little angel. Thank you. Everybody else, thanks for reading. I'll be updating again soon, so be sure to check back in. Hopefully we will have some photos of Grace in front of her new house, and inside of her new house. :-) ttyl


Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, I guess it was bound to happen, but Grace has finally started saying no. :-) I hope it will just be a short phase. We are working with, so hopefully it will not last to long.

Besides that, all is well on Grace's front. Not only is she saying "no" a lot, but she is trying to talk a lot in general. She can say "kite", "moon", "cat", "please", "thank you", and she is trying to say a bunch more. At least thats what it sounds like. :-) I was talking to her yesterday, and I told her I loved her. I'm not sure but it sounded like she tried to say it back. :-) I can't wait for that.

We are moving into our house this week. It has been a lot of work, the packing and all, but it will definitely be worth it. Grace is going to love it. I can't wait for her to have her own yard to play in. :-) Another thing I think she will like is the neighborhood has jogging trails. We have a stroller made for jogging, so I can take Grace with me when I go on a run. I actually took her for the first time this weekend. She didn't really like getting into the stroller, but once I started moving with her she loved it. :-)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something funny in my last post. When Mommy's parents came for their visit we went out to eat Saturday night. Well before dinner Mommy and Ma'tee had been out shopping and once they were done they called Grace, Papa John and I and told us to come meet them. I got all of Grace's stuff together and got her dressed and we were on our way. Once we got there Mommy and Ma'tee were playing with Grace and noticed I had put her pants on backwards. Oops. :-) No doubt about it, I am definitely a Dad. :-)

Well, I will be back soon to let you all know how Grace is enjoying her new home. :-) We are so excited. Grace, you are our little angel and we love you so much, no matter how much you say "no". :-) Everybody else, thanks for reading. ttyl


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grace loves her Grandparents :-)

This last weekend we had a visit from Ma'tee and Papa John. Grace had a great time seeing her grandparents, and Mommy and I really enjoyed the visit too. Mommy, Grace, and I would like to thank Ma'tee and Papa John for everything they did for us over the weekend. Thank you. :-)

Ma'tee and Papa John came up on Friday, but they had a long drive. So they didn't get up till Grace was already in bed. But that was okay, cause Ma'tee had all Saturday to see Grace. And they had a great time together. Ma'tee got Grace, well a bunch of stuff, but specifically a electronic learn how to spell thing. Sorry, that is the best way I can describe it. But the point is Grace loves it. She been playing with everyday since. :-)

We also got to take Ma'tee and Papa to see our house. Next time they visit they'll get to stay in the house. :-) We're closing on it next week. Anyway, the grands took us to dinner that night. It was a really nice meal and Grace did a great job. And she ate wonderfully. We got her a child's chicken tender meal, but she also ate some of Mommy's asparagus and some of my broccoli. I am so happy that Grace is trying all kinds of food and that she likes them.

Oh that reminds me of something. Well, first of all, I love spicy food. Specifically, peppercinis. I usually eat them with piece of cheese and share the cheese with Grace, but she is always interested in the peppers. Well I figured she would freak out if I gave her something spicy like that, but last week I let her have a little taste. She loved it. :-) I don't let her eat any of seeds, but she likes the skin of the pepper and the juice. I'm so proud. :-)

Okay, back to the weekend. Saturday was a great day. Mommy really enjoyed seeing her parents, and Grace had a great time with them too. Oh, and I had fun too. :-) Love you Ma'tee and Papa John. :-) Unfortunately they had to get back early on Sunday because of the long drive, but we all really enjoyed seeing them and can't wait for the next visit.

Grace, Mommy and I and your whole family love you very much. Oceans full. You are such a sweet and special child.

To everybody else, thanks for reading and I will be back with another post soon. Thanks to all.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Operation went smooth. :-)

Well, yesterday Grace had her surgery to get tubes put in her ears. Everything went well and it was over in no time. Grace is already back to her normal self. Hopefully, with a few improvements due to the tubes. :-) I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, the surgery was scheduled yesterday morning for 8:30. However, we were requested to be there at 6:15. So we had to leave the apartment by 5:30. The office we went to is in Charlotte. Of course, getting up wasn't a problem. The doctors told us that we couldn't feed Grace or give her anything to drink after 3:00 am. So when she woke up at 3:50 Mom and I woke up too. :-) Needless to say Grace, Mom, and I were very tired yestereday.

Like I said though, everything went well and Grace is doing just fine. :-) I will definitely keep everybody up to date on how Grace is doing and all the changes that are happening. Grace, we love you very much. You are a trooper for going through that surgery and all. Lets hope it helps you out. Regardless, Mommy and I will continue to love you and take care of you all the same. Thanks for reading everybody. :-) Talk to you soon.