Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Daddy B-Day Pics :-)

Daddy's B-Day Pics!!!

Daddy's B-Day!!!

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and my girls were just great to me. :-) Mommy got up before Grace and I (which is pretty special, cause Mom likes her sleep), and prepared Grace and I a special breakfast, very yummy blueberry muffins. Work was a pretty typical day, but when I got home Mom and Grace had prepared me a very nice birthday surprise. Mommy had made me a great birthday dinner and Grace made me a very sweet birthday card. Grace also gave me some of her wonderful art work on what appeared to be a napkin, and Daddy being himself used it to wipe his hands and then crumpled it up. Mom said, "Now where is that drawing Grace did for you," and then we both looked at my handywork. I'm sorry Grace, Dad is a goofball. I really thought Mom and you had just been having fun drawing before I got home. Anyway, I straightened the picture up and brought it along with Grace's card to work. They are hanging up at my desk. :-) After dinner I gave Grace a bath, and when we walked back downstairs, to my surprise, Mom was standing in the kitchen with a cake (German Chocolate, yummy). Mom had also hung a "Happy Birthday Daddy" sign on the wall. :-) While Grace and I had a piece of the cake Mommy took a bunch of good pictures, which I will be posting later. Then we stepped outside and took a nice little walk with Grace and took some more photos (I'll be posting those too :-)). What a day!!!! A dad couldn't ask for two better girls in his life. Mom and Grace, I love you very much. You made my birthday a very special day. Thank you so much!!! And thank you everyone else that sent me a card or a gift or just wished me happy birthday!!! I have a lot of really special people in my life and I am very thankful for that. As I said I will be posting those photos later, so check back to see them. Thanks for reading. Grace, I love you very much. You are my angel. :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mom's and Grace's weekend away

Hi everyone. This last weekend Mommy and Grace took a trip to Summerville, SC, to see our friends Rachel and Phillip Hilton. I missed my girls, but I got a lot of cleaning done and I got some much needed rest. Mommy said everyone had a good time, especially Grace. :-) Thanks for all the hospitality to my girls, Rachel and Phillip. You two are great!!! Anyway, I wanted to post some photos of the trip, so here you go:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sweetest Child Ever

Hello all, all I have for this post is funny and sweet story. At least I thought it was funny and Mom got a kick out of it when I shared it with her, and we both thought it was awfully sweet. Anyway, here it is:

Last night I was giving Grace a bath. She really enjoys bath time. Well I got done cleaning her and she was playing in the tub with this cup I use to rinse her hair after washing it. I decided I would have some fun with her and let her poor a cup of water over Daddy's head. :-) Mommy and I have done this before and Grace really got a kick out of it. So she poors a couple of cups of water over my head and then she smacks me in the noggin with the cup. Okay, that is not the funny part. :-) I stood up and said "no" and "not to do that." I wasn't acting mean or mad either. I guess I actually looked a little sad or hurt that Grace would do that. At least I think that is how Grace felt. So she proceeded to fill up the cup and poor it over her head to make me feel better. SO SWEET!!!! Then she looked up at me and smiled as to say, "don't worry Dad, I did it too and I'm okay." One thing that is real sweet about this is the fact Grace hates having water dumped over her head. And to make me feel better she did it to herself. I could almost cry right now as I tell this story. :-) It made my night. Grace, you are the light of my life. Mommy and I love you more than anything. You keep being that sweet and you are going to turn out just fine. We love you baby. Everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the story. I'll be updating again soon. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun Weekend

Hello all, Grace and I went down to Me'me's and Pe'Pe's last weekend. We left Mom at the house so she could get some things done that she wanted/needed to get done. It worked out well, cause Mom got the stuff done and we had a ball on our visit.

We had a great time seeing everyone and we ate some great food (thank you Me'me' and Pe'pe'). Grace's cousins, Arianna and Landon, were there. Grace really enjoys seeing them, and they are so sweet to her. It is really something to see. Arianna acts like Grace's mommy, and Landon puts his arm around her and kisses and hugs her a bunch. Me'me' and Pe'pe' really enjoyed seeing Grace. It had been about a month, so they were both ready for some Grace time. Me'me' gave Grace a bath (and did a bunch of other stuff with Grace) and got see how long her hair is. It has really grown and you see it best when it is wet. All Pe'pe' did was give Grace a hard time :-)jk, but Grace knows how to handle Pe'pe'. And really, Pe'pe' is very sweet to her.

I think the best part of the visit, as far as Grace is concerned was Saturday nights dinner. Pe'pe' went out and got me a steak: a huge ribeye. I shared it with Grace and she loved it as well as the mashed potatoes , the peas, and the corn that she ate. However, the food must have had a stimulant in it, cause after dinner Grace ran circles around us. And I mean that literally. :-) There is a wall seperating the living room and the kitchen that is open on both ends, and Grace ran circles around it laughing the entire time. For at least 30 minutes. It started out with her and Landon, but Grace kept the pace up longer than him. Which is hard to believe cause that boy has some energy too. :-) So needless to say, after that Grace was wiped. Of course, I didn't mind cause that made for a good nights sleep. :-)

Unfortunately, Dad (me) is a goofball and forgot his camera. So I don't have pics to post, but I will try to get some taken soon and post those.

Anyway, it was great weekend for everyone, and Grace, you were a very good girl and we all love you so much!!! Everyone else, thanks for reading. I'll be back soon, hopefully with some new photos. :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Grace doing the "Robot" :-)

Hello all, Grace hopes everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! She wanted Mommy and I to post some new photos for everyone, so they are above.

Anyway, Grace is doing well. As I was telling you in my last post she is becoming very independent. So independent that sometimes she is telling us when she needs to use the potty. She does this by pulling her diaper down. :-) Needless to say, but Mom and I have to be pretty quick when Grace shows up by our side with no diaper on. :-) It is a start though, so Mom and I couldn't be happier. I bet by the time Grace turns two she will be potty trained. Give or take a month or two. :-)

Other than that, all is well with Grace. Her hair is getting longer and is so cute. Grace is just adorable. :-) We may have to get a hair cut soon though. So we will definitely post some photos of the hair cut. :-)

Oh yeah, yesterday I made my famous grill cheeses and I made one for Grace. She loved it. I cut it into four little triangles and Grace had such a great time picking them up and eating them. :-) I thought it was really cute.

I need to get back to work, but I will be back soon with another update and hopefully some new pictures. We love you Grace. Thanks for reading everybody.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More update photos

Just Playing

Still Playing

New Kicks :-)

Rolling w/ Elmo

Updated Grace Pics :-)

Gracie Dearie

Hey Guys, sorry it has been so long since we have updated the blog and put pictures up here. We are doing great, and we DO take lots of pictures!!! So here are some of them!

Grace eating chicken parm...yummy!:

Grace's new bathing suit!:

Grace's new kicks:

Grace and Elmo
Hammers are so yummy!
I love to climb in drawers!