Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day and Pool Photos

Summertime and the livin's EASY!

Hello all. Sorry it has been a minute since my last post. Grace and I have been too busy having fun down at the neighborhood pool. :-) The heat has been almost unbearable, so the pool is really the only outdoor comfortable spot.

Grace loves the pool and she looks so cute in her bathing suits. She has a cute little one piece and a teeny weenie bikini. :-) The little tan lines the bathing suits have made are just adorable. But don't worry, we are definitely applying that strong sun tan lotion.

Right now Grace likes to stick to the steps in the pool. I guess she feels a little more comfortable where she can stand, but she has got brave a couple times and stepped to the lower steps. No worries though, I'm right there and I don't let her go under. We got her a float, but she really doesn't show too much interest in it other than pushing it around the steps. She'll probably be swimming before ever wants to use the float. :-) We have some great photos of Grace in the pool and I will get them unploaded asap for everybodies enjoyment. Anyway, let me update you on everything else that has been going on.

Lets see, Father's day was last weekend. Mommy and Grace gave me a real nice weekend. They made me dinner Friday night, Saturday we had some quality family time and the girls got me some gifts, and Sunday we went to church with a lady from Grace's daycare and we had more family time. :-) It was a great weekend. I love my girls so much, and I love being a dad!!!! :-)

We have got some real nice neighbors in our neighborhood: David and Shannon, Tommy and Jamie, and Amyka and Bernard. I think Grace has a little crush on David. :-) When she first started getting around David and Shannon she would act real comfortable with them both, but she acted a little shy with David. It was cute to see.

Oh this is some exciting news: Mommy started a work out plan a few months ago, and when she started she set a weight-loss goal for herself. Well she got on the scale yesterday and she has reached her goal!!!!!!! Grace and I are so proud of Mommy. She has really been working hard. GO MOMMY, YAYYYYYY!!!!!!

Nothing much besides that has been going on. Just enjoying the summer. Oh, for the July 4th weekend Grace, Mommy, and I will going down to Jacksonville, FL, to see Grace's Aunt Betsy and Uncle Kevin, and fortunately her Ma'tee will be there too!!! So we are all looking forward to that. It is only a couple weeks away, so I'll be back with an update to let you all know how the trip went. And I should be back sooner with some Grace pool pics. Hopefully before the end of the day.

Grace Mommy and I love you very much, and we are so happy to have you in our lives!!! Everybody else, thanks for reading. Be back soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grace's Good Time at the Jarnigan Family Reunion!!!

This weekend was the weekend of the semi-annual Jarnigan family reunion held at Margaret Frazier's house in White Pine, TN. It was a great time and Grace had a ball. :-) We got some great photos of Grace (her and Me'me' in her dress :-) jumping on the trampoline) and we got some great videos of everyone. We will probably post the videos to youtube, so check that out if you like. If you choose to, all you have to do is search for "jessicapeppel". It will bring up the videos of the reunion as well as videos of Grace through out the months, and other family functions. :-)

Anyway, back to the family reunion. It was the Jarnigan family reunion, which is on Me'me's side of the family. However, Pe'pe's parents, Ninnie and Papaw, were invited as well. So that was nice, cause Grace got to see everybody, and she was the life of the party. :-) I think the family member most excited to see Grace was Popa, Me'me's dad and my grandfather. He is pictured in some of the photos. Well Grace had a great time sharing brownies and cake with Pop, and Pop definitely knew how to get a giggle out of her. :-) Grace gave Pop a couple kisses which I think made his day. :-) Grace took a real sweet walk with Uncle David. They held hands and looked real sweet together. Unfortunately, Mommy nor I got a photo of that, but everyone was taking photos. So maybe somebody else caught the moment and if so I will post that pic. Oh yeah, Landon and Arianna also came to the reunion with us. They had a great time seeing Grace and Grace of course, had a great time seeing them.

Anyway, it was a great reunion. Everybody had a lot of fun. We all really apprecitate Margaret taking the time to put this together every year. :-) Grace, we (Daddy, Mommy, and all the family) love you very much. God really blessed my our lives when he gave you to us. :-) Everybody else, thanks for reading. Enjoy the pics.