Saturday, October 22, 2011

The BIG 3!!!!

That's right, folks. 3!!!!!!!! Grace turned 3 years old today. Can you believe it? I can't. Time flies I guess. 3 now, then I'll turn around and she will be turning 30. Well the first 3 years have been wonderful and I cannot wait to see how the years to come turn out. :-)

Anyway, here is what we did today. First off, Grace seemed to have a blast, and Mom and I both feel it was a good birthday. Last year we did the big party and that turned out to be pretty stressful, so this year we took Grace out to a festival and pretty much just made sure she had a really good day.

We got out around 10:30 Saturday morning. We took Grace to the fall festival up the road. It was really nice. Grace took a horsey ride, which she seemed to love. We all took a wagon ride to a pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins. Grace was really cute there. They told us they would take us to the patch and we would have about 10 minutes. Then we would head back. Well we got out there and Grace looked at almost every pumpkin (there were a lot of them :-)) and when we were walking out of the patch (we were the last to leave the patch) Grace just took her time. It was no big deal, but I found it funny. Oh yeah, we also went through a corn maze. I think I was more excited to do this than Grace was :-) Anyway, we got in the maze and Grace was having fun for a minute. Of course, after the minute she was over it, but by this time we were kind of lost in the maze. So Mom and I were trying to figure the map out when Grace said, "this is the way out", and she just walked through the corn to the outside of the field. Grace isn't a dummy. Her way might not have been the path of least resistance, but we got out.

Anyway, after the festival we took Grace out to lunch for pizza. She enjoyed that, but then we went home to eat cake and open presents. Now she really enjoyed that. We sang her the birthday song and she blew her candles out. Mom took a video on her phone of Grace blowing out the candles. I believe she is going to post it on here. You will enjoy. :-) Then we opened gifts. Talk about Play-Dough central. That girl now has enough play-dough to last the rest of this year and all of next. Of course, it is probably on going to last a few months. :-) She got tools to go with the play-dough too. So she had a lot of fun playing with that. She got a ton of stickers too. You wouldn't imagine that stickers are that fun, but Grace has a ball with them. Grace also got a hair stylist set. So now she can do Mommy's hair. I asked her to do my hair to but per Grace, I'm not like her and Mommy. I guess I don't have enough hair to be worth styling. :-)

So after the fun, the cake, and the presents Grace was tuckered out and just wanted to chill. And that was Saturday. Then on Sunday her Me'me', Pe'pe', and Uncle Corey came for a visit. Me'me' brought her cupcakes and some gifts. Grace had a lot of fun. I think her birthday turned out to be a pretty good one.

Grace, you are now three years old. You are turning into a big girl. You have learned and grown so much over these years. Mommy and I have enjoyed every second of it. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. We both love you so much and always will. You keep being the good girl that you are, and we will keep being there for you. Always and forever. We love you, Grace.