Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cute Story


Okay, I want to share a cute story. This morning on the way to day care Grace and I were playing a game. She was using her imagination and pretending an animal was chasing us. We went through a cow, horse, chicken, and a cat. Then I decided to switch it up and see what Grace would say when I said Mommy. Well, Grace said "Rowr" for what Mommy was saying. Then I said what does Grace say, and Grace said, "Rowr." Finally I said what does Daddy say. Grace said, "Meow." :-) So apparently Grace thinks Mommy and her are like lions or bears, all scary and fierce. And she thinks of Daddy like a soft, sweet, feeble kitten. :-) I guess I like the sweet, but the soft and feeble I'm not so sure. :-p Well, what can I say, I'm happy to be a big sweet, softy, and I am also happy Grace thinks of me like that. Of course, if that is the case I guess Grace thinks of Mommy like a scary dragon. :-) Just joking Mom. :-)

So that is the cute story. Just for a quick update on Grace: well, our little angel is doing great. Still learning and growing so much. Mom and I both think she has hit a growth spirt recently, because she is looking taller. Grace's hair is still beautiful and even longer since last time I mentioned it. :-) She still uses her imagination a lot. I guess you can see that from the story I told at the beginning. I really like that. It shows her creativity and that is a great thing. Another note on the creativity is that Grace loves art. She is all the time coloring or painting things. She does a really good circle and does a heart too. I know that doesn't sound like much, but considering she is only 2 1/2 I think it is pretty good. Grace can also say her full ABC's and she can count to thirteen or fourteen depending on the occasion. :-) ***EDIT from MOM***** She also knows all her colors and all her shapes!!!  But it at least shows she is on her way. So other than that she is doing great.

That a girl Grace. You are doing great. You have learned so much in the past two and half years. Keep it up!!!! You can do it. And you know what, Mommy and I will always be here to help you along the way. If you ever need anything we both want you to come to us. Love you Grace Lou. :-)

Mommy and Daddy