Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Kitchen and Christmas tree!

MaTee bought Miss Grace a kitchen set for Christmas and gave it to us over Thanksgiving.  We decided to put it together while Grace was asleep and when she woke up boy was she excited.  She ran to the kitchen and promptly started to make us breakfast alll morning long!

Happy Holidays Family and Friends!

The Day AFTER Thanksgiving was awesome too!

Thanksgiving night we went to Kevin's parent's house and enjoyed the night and the next day with them.  And since I properly introduced my family, I shall properly introduce Kevin's family as well!

Kevin's parents are Cathi Robinson and Harry Robinson, otherwise known to us as MeMe and PePe.  Corey (introduced in the previous post) is Kevin's brother, and his kids are Arianna and Landon.  Here are some pictures of them from this weekend:

MeMe and Arianna!
Grace playing!
Grace and Landon dancing and playing together.
Grace with Landon's hat on, pacifier and juice in hand and one untied shoe on and one barefoot!
Grace, Landon, and PePe

Here are some pics of the girl's playing (the cute blond girl is one of Arianna's best friends):

Grace loves to dance!!

We love us some Robinson's!!!


Thanksgiving was an awesome one!  Grace, Kevin, Kevin's brother, Corey and I went to Clemson to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Holder's and the Clemens.

Let me digress a bit and introduce you to everyone.

This is my mother Theresa Lynne Clemens, otherwise known as T, TT, PaTee, MaTee and Treesa (not sure what Grace calls her yet):

And she is married to John Clemens, otherwise known as Father Figure, Juan, Papa, and Papa John:

This is my sister, Katherine Grace Holder, otherwise known as Katy, Mama, Aunt Katy and Butthead
(She will appreciate that she has more photos than anyone else....well, besides Grace that is):

And she is married to Heath Anthony Holder, otherwise known as Heath, Daddy and Uncle Heath:

Katy, and Heath have 4 boys.  Oldest to youngest, Tobin Mayer Holder, otherwise known as TOOOOBY:

Bowen Heath Anthony Holder, otherwise known as Boo Bear:

Daniel Bode Holder, otherwise known as Dan Dan:

Lucas Maxwell Holder, otherwise known as Luke:

Of course you know me (otherwise known as Jess, Jesse, Juicy Poop, Aunt CaCa, well the list goes on) and my beau Kevin (Kevy Skillz, Kev Dawg, K Dawg, Uncle Kevin and the list goes on for him too):

Kevin's Brother Corey, otherwise known as Uncle Corey:

Okay, and that was just a partial of who was there, I am missing John's kids: Jonathan and Andrea.  Jonathan's lovely girlfriend Joy, and Andrea's son Andrew.  I am also missing John's wonderful parents Ruth and Jack Clemens.

Okay, back to Thanksgiving.

There was chess:

And Lego playing:

And TV watching:

And playing outside:

And Running, lots of Running:

Grace loved playing with her cousins and her cousins loved her!!!
Little Lucas wanted to take her home with him.  When it was time to leave he grabbed her arm and told her to "come on Gracie, let's go home".
Here are only a few pictures showing Luke and Grace's affection towards each other:

Aunt Katy got some much needed Grace time as well:

As did MaTee:

And Bowen:

And Uncle Corey:

Grace got some much needed time with a KITTY!:

These were our attempts to gather all the kids and take a family photo:

 And like any normal family get together, there was some fighting and some sleeping:

Just because I don't want to end on a playful fighting bad note, I shall leave you with the star attraction of this blog, my lovely talented daughter Grace Anne-Marie Robinson:
Grace baby, Mommy and Daddy love you soooooo much.  You are growing and learning everyday.  Can I ask of you just one thing though?  Please go to sleep better, and stop waking up at 5 in the morning, mommy really needs some more sleep!
love you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We went to the park on Saturday to let Grace play. And lord we have FUN! She was all over that playground running from one place to the next. Oh course I was there taking photos in between playing with her, and dad was her partner in crime going down the slide and up the stairs, down the slide and up the stairs, down the slide and up the stairs, you get the point! Here are my favorite pictures from the playground: