Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello all,

Grace is doing great!!! This morning was exciting!!! Mommy and I give Graces lots of hugs and lots of kisses, and we always ask for a kiss back. Well we haven't had much luck with the return kiss until this morning!!! It was really sweet and really cute. Mom was holding her, gave her a kiss, and asked for one back. Grace leaned in and put her lips to Mom's. Well I was jealous :-), so I came over and asked for a kiss and she leaned to me and put her lips to mine. I didn't here a muuaahhh noise, but you could tell what she was doing. It was really special and it made Mommy's and my morning. :-)

Other than that, everything is well. Grace continues to grow and learn. She is always pointing at things wanting to know what they are, and she loves looking at books. It wouldn't surprise me if she turned out to be a big reader. I don't read much, but Mom and her side (you Aunt Katy :-)) are big readers.

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and Grace, Mommy and I are looking forward to going to Me'me's and Pe'pe'. I'm sure we will have a great time. I'll post something after the holiday and let you all know how it went. :-) Grace, you are so special and Mommy and I love you so much. Oceans full baby. :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shes a talker!!!!

Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you on Grace. She is doing great!!!! We had a great weekend with her, especially with the beautiful weather we have had. Anyway, Grace has been real vocal lately. I guess she has realized she has a voice, and she likes to use it!!! :-) She has been talking for a while, but lately she has just been talking a lot. And she is actually talking on the phone too. When I used to put the phone up to her ear to listen to Me'me' or Ma'tea she would just listen. But I was speaking with Me'me' yesterday and put Grace on the phone, and she was just talking up a storm. Nothing that actually made since, of course, but she is trying. She'll be talking for real soon I'm sure. I can't wait. :-)

Grace is walking real well these days. You can't stop her. :-) Grace is always on the move. She takes a tumble occasionally, but she is really getting the hang of it. Mom and I took her for a walk outside on Sunday. She loved it. We have taken Grace outside in the stroller before, but this was the first time she got to walk outside. She loved it. She got to feel the grass and pick up rocks. I know that sounds really interesting :-), but for her it was something new and I think she really enjoyed it. :-) Hopefully this nice weather will stick around and we will be able to take her out some more.

Other than that Grace is doing really well. She is learning and growing. Mom and I are so proud of her. We love you so very much, Grace.