Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Picture A Day!

Well, I fell off the wagon, but only because sickness overtook our house.  No worries, everyone is getting back to normal.  Here are pictures from the weekend and Valentine's Day:
This was the boy that was discussing world hunger with Grace.


Being sweet to her table mate 2.14.2011

2.14.2011 Valentine's Day party
Her shirt says "I only have eyes for Daddy".  Mommy bought it for her!

She can be just as hateful as she can be sweet, and let me tell you  she can be pretty darn sweet!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Picture A Day!

These were all taken on February 10, 2011:
Grace ready to go home after a day playing with her friends at the Sunshine House!
Grace loves cuddling up with daddy and watching Dora the Explorer!

Daddy reading an Abby (Sesame Street) shapes book to Grace.
So, if you couldn't tell Grace is a real Daddy's girl!  Not that she doesn't like her mom, because she does!  But only when she is sick or hurt! Grace loves to play with daddy, and read with daddy and cuddle with daddy, you get the picture (literally).

So I have some cute stories to tell you.  One of them is going to have to wait till I hear from Daddy though.  The other one is just TOO  CUTE!  I dropped Grace off at daycare this morning, and she was being a bit attached to mommy and didn't want me to go.  I had her in my arms and her friends (Ayri and Hannah) were at my feet, saying "Hey Grace!" and tugging on her shoes and smiling real big at her, wanting to play!  She eventually got down to play with them, so we said our good-byes, and I went into another room to drop off her bag and jacket.  On my way out, I pass by the room that she is in.  I looked in, and what do I see?  Nothing but adorableness (is that a word?)   One of the boys in her class Kamron, was sitting next to her on the carpet (they were both sitting indian style - probably not PC)  and Kamron had his right arm around Grace and was talking to her, like they were in deep conversation about how to end world hunger.  IT WAS SOOO CUTE!  I wish I had my camera.  I stood there and watch for a few minutes, and they remained like that while I was there.  I left with a smile on my face.  But only after I told her teacher to please watch him, they are only two, and I don't need him putting the moves on my daughter! ha

Okay, I will be back later today for another cute story showing how much she is like her father: KEV-DAWG!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Picture A Day!

This was taken last night....again.
Every night when Grace takes a bath, we put in a different color food coloring.  It is a great way to make bath time more fun.  Now, Grace already enjoys taking a bath, but now she likes it even more!!!
Grace Anne-Marie Robinson 2.8.11

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EASY as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C

Hello all, so yeah, it has been a minute since my last post. Sorry about that. Since I got the promotion at work I haven't had any time to get on here. I can't believe I actually have time to get on here today. But I do, and now I can share all the updates about Grace, as well as some really cute stories.

Grace is doing great!!!!! :-) She is still growing like a weed, and learning new stuff every day. It is so exciting!!!! :-) Grace is getting to be such a little grown up. :-) When I get home from work, which is my favorite part of the day, Grace greets me with a hug and kiss. She is such a little sweetie. :-) Then we sit down to dinner and Grace will tell us about her day. Well, maybe not entirely, but she will hold a little conversation with us. And it is so cute!!!!

Then on to bath time. Grace loves her baths!!! That is daddy's clean little girl. :-) She likes brushing her teeth too!!! Now that really excites daddy. Can you tell I love a clean mouth? :-) Oh yeah, and when we shampoo her hair and wet it you get to see how long it is. And it is getting pretty long. Grace's hair is just beautiful. Especially this one curl. For the most part Grace's hair has gotten wavy, but there is this one perfect curl that is hanging around. Mom and I are scared to cut Grace's hair for the fear that this one curl won't come back. :-) I'm sorry I don't have any photos to post today. I promise mom or I'll get some posted soon, and we'll make sure one is of that curl. :-)

After bath time we usually chill for a little while and then off tobed. Now this is where the news gets really, really, really exciting!!!! :-) Guess who sleeps in their own room now? That's right!!!! GRACIE-POO!!!!! Mommy and I still lay down with her when it is bed time to read hr some stories and to help her fall asleep. But she is really a good girl about the whole process. We tell her it is bed time and she starts making her way up the stairs to her room. Then we go read some books, turn the lights off, and that is that.

Okay, now some cute stories: One night Mom and I were sitting with Grace and letting her play an educational game on the internet. The game had to do with the alphabet. One of Mommy's good friends, Rachel, turned us on to the particular site. Anyway, you press a letter and it tells you the letter and shows you something that begins with that letter. We were looking at the alphabet, and mommy and I asked Grace where the letter Q was. What did Grace do? Pointed right at the letter Q. Mom and I did a double take!!! We were both just blown away!!! Then we started picking other letters at random and Grace kept pointing at them: A, N, P, etc. THE GENIUS CHILD HAS RISEN, MUUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :-) Just kidding, but that is pretty impressive considering Grace just turned two in October. Way to go Grace!!!! You keep doing what you're doing, cause whatever it is it is definitely working!!!! :-)

Now for a cute and funny story. Grace and I were playing with a toy she got for her birthday. It is this little laptop like thing that you can hook up to the internet. One of mommy's co-workers, Kamal, got it for Grace. Anyway, it helps teach the alphabet and stuff like that. Grace really likes it. On one setting you press a letter on the keyboard and it will give you a hint of an animal that starts with that letter. Well, Grace and I were going through the alphabet and we came to the letter M. The hint was this animal likes bananas. I said to Grace, "what animal really likes bananas." While pointing her finger at her chest Grace replied, "Me!!!" I got the biggest kick out of this. :-)

As you can see Grace is learning a lot. She is already trying to recite her alphabet. She has a long way to go, but she knows A B C D E and L M N O P. Grace also is learning her numbers too. She cannot do 1 - 10 on her own yet, but she is pretty good about remembering what number is next when mom or I get it started. We'll say one, and then Grace will come in with two. Then we'll say three and she'll say four, and so on. And sometimes we'll ask her to do it on her own, and she can get to three or four.

Lets see. Other than that this last weekend was gorgeous. We took a family trip to the park. Grace had a ball!!! When we first got there she was a little taken back by everything, but after that first trip down the slide she was right at home. :-) Then after about 50 more trips down the same slide :-) we got to go check the rest of the park out. And she loved the rest of just as much!!! Now that was Saturday. Sunday was even nicer. I washed cars with a little help from my little angel, Grace Anne-Marie. Then we went and saw some neighbors. My friend's nephew caught a lizard, and Grace got to pet it. So that was kind of exciting for her. Then he started playing the guitar, and Grace and all of us just sat around enjoying the music and the beautiful weather. I aksed Grace if she wanted to learn to play an instrument and she said yes. So I'm thinking the piano or the violin.

So needless to say things are going very well!!! Grace is moving right a long, and seems to be enjoying life. And that pleases mommy and I so much. Grace you are our everything. We love you more than life itself, and always will!!! Everybody, thanks for reading. Hopefully it won't be as long till my next post.