Monday, April 5, 2010

2nd Easter :-)

This weekend we went to Grandma Ruth's and Grandpa Jack's (Great-grandparents on Mommy's side) for our annual Easter celebration. We had a great time. :-)

The weather was real nice and it was good to see everyone. Most importantly Grace had lots of fun. :-)
Last year Grace was too young and small to participate in the Easter egg hunt, but this year she was just the right size. Here are some photos of all the fun for you all to enjoy. :-)

Anyway, we all really did have a lovely time. A special thanks to Grandma Ruth for all the hard work. Love you. We also were so pleased to see everyone else: Ma'tee and Papa John, Aunt Katy and Uncle Heath, all of Grace's cousins, and all the rest of the family. :-) Love you all. And Grace we especially love you and are so proud of you. To all the readers out there, thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon. I'm sure I'll have someting new posted before too long. Take care.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Photos... FINALLY!!!!!

Sorry for the long wait on new photos. We have been pretty busy lately. Anyway, these were taken this morning, so they are definitely up to date. :-) Be sure to see how cute Grace's new dress is. It's adorable. She is our little lady bug.:-)
The pic at the top reminds me of myself. The one below that one reminds me of Mommy. :-) Grace is a great mix of Mom and I. And I have to say the pic at the bottom on the right is so cute. Isn't she just beautiful.
Grace, you are our little angel. We love you so much. We would be lost without you. Everybody else, hope you enjoy the new pics. We'll try to get some of Grace and the house this weekend. :-) I promise. Take care and thanks for reading. ttyl

I have to agree with daddy about that one photo being the cutest ever, but those are the kind of photos you get with the most adorable baby ever! These pictures were taken this morning at daycare. The Easter Bunny is coming to visit her today at the Sunshine House, so she is sporting the lovely dress made by Theresa Ryan Clemens....her MA TEE!!