Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catch me if you can!!!!! :-)

Hello all. Well, Grace is on the move all the time now. Nothing is stopping her. :-) She crawls so quick, is trying to climb everything, and she is starting to try and stand on her own. So needless to say, Mom and I are pretty busy, but I love it!!!! :-) Grace is making so much progress, and really quickly. It is really cool to watch. All of you that have children of course know this, and all of you that do not will really enjoy it once you do.

Mom told you all in the previous post that Grace cut a second tooth. :-) My mom told me that once one comes the rest will follow pretty quickly. She was right. Of course, mothers are always right. :-)

Oh, the other night we had a thunder storm. This thunder was so loud, it was practically shaking the house. Mom woke up. I woke up. Grace slept like a log. :-) Thats my girl. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, Grace is doing great. We love her so much. I'll be back soon with more updates. :-) Thanks for reading. Dad

This little piggy says "STOP"!

So, I suppose I was being over zealous when I said "Picture a Day"! Seeing that Grace keeps us so busy, it might end up being more like "Picture Once a Month...if your lucky". Sorry guys..!

Last night, one of my best friends, Rachael Hilton, came over (she is 9 months preggers, over her due date! btw), I looked at Grace and said "Say hi to Aunt Ra Ra", and she plain as day said "Ra Ra", it was sooo cute, and i think just what Aunt Ra Ra needed. Other things that Grace says are "hey", "bye", "stop", and "dada". No, "mama" yet, sigh, sigh, tear, tear.

We found another tooth this past Monday night...! so, yea for her!!

This past weekend, I had my best friend, Pookie (Elizabeth) from high school come visit us, and Grace was so enamored with her!!!! If we (me, kev and Pookie) would sit on the ground with Gracie poo, Grace would go to her every time....she just loves her! So here are some pictures of our fun weekend:

Okay, so I am done fighting with blogger, the picture from this weekend is at the top!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pearly Whites are on their way!!!!

So Grace has been working on cutting her first tooth for a while, and this weekend it happened!!!!!! :-) Well, sort of. You can see the tooth getting ready to pop through the skin and you can feel it. It is exciting, but I think it is hurting our little girl some. Grace is a soldier though, and making the best of it, of course. But is making for some sleepless nights. :-( For all of us. No biggie though, we just want our Gracie Poo to feel better. Anyway, all is well other than that. Grace is loving crawling. She is all over the place. It is really a lot of fun to watch her move around, or to crawl with her. No other updates that I can think of. I'll be back soon to let you know how things with Grace are going. We love you, Grace. :-) Thanks all.

update/revision by mommy
Grace's tooth has broken through the skin! yay!! On Friday of this past week, you could see that the tooth was coming through the skin, however, yesterday (Sunday) you could feel the tooth!! With her first tooth, come major drooling, coughing, and a baad diaper rash....poor girl! No worries though, Mom is here, and visiting Grace at daycare at lunch everyday to see her little pumpkin head!

oh yeah, and remember to go look at our videos...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picture A Day!

So, I will try and post a picture a day. Now, that doesn't mean it will be from that particular day!! Things are getting even crazier than they were before, however we do seem to be getting more sleep lately than 8 months ago. Grace is just crawling everywhere. When she first starting crawling, she never went out of the living room, so whenever we would walk out of the room she would cry. Now she has no inhibitions about that, she follows us from room to room getting into whatever she can get her hands on....even if that means if she has to stand on her tippy toes and hold her hands up wayyyy in the air to see what she can grab with her sticky fingers.

This pictures reminds me of a self portrait that you will find on myspace and facebook of just about everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Tube Videos!

Go to and search for my name: jessicapeppel one word, and you will find all the videos that I have uploaded...They are ALL of Grace, with an exception of two thus far. The exceptions are of the wonderful Jarnigan Family Reunion.

My Cutie Patootie Gracie!!!!

Here is my adorable little bebe!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Learning, learning and more learning :-)

Well it has been a while and I apologize. Things have just been real busy. Anyway, our little girl is learning so much. I don't know what the last update I gave you was, so I'll just go through everything Grace is doing these days. :-) I've told you Grace says a few words: Da'da' :-), Ba'ba', and stuff that sounds like hi or hey :-) She hasn't started saying Ma'ma' yet. I think just to bug her Mom :-) The M sound is harder though, so no worries Mom. She'll be saying before you know it. I told you about her crawling on all fours. So she does that now. Scooting is a thing of the past :-) And she is all over the place. Now that she has got the moving thing down, she doesn't like being held. She wants to explore. :-) So that is keeping Mom and I on our toes, but we love it. Oh, and she can stand herself up if she has something to hold on too. She is sleeping through the night better, and we have got her sleeping in her pac'n'play. Well most of the times. :-) Sometimes she still ends up in the bed between Mom and I. Grace waves now. Mom took her to daycare one morning and Grace waved by to her as she was leaving. Now she waves to everybody :-) Just recently Grace has started holding the bottle up for herself. She doesn't do all the time though. Probably just because she knows she has someone to hold it for her. :-) Those babies are smarter than we give'em credit for. :-) Grace is eating solids all the time now. She has even started enjoying her veggies. Grace hasn't cut a tooth yet, but she is definitely working on it. Now I didn't cut till I was 10 months. So I guess she has gotten that from me, cause Mom cut hers at 4 months. Oh, one thing we did this weekend was go to a wedding of one of Mom's friends. Well Mom went the wedding. Grace and I showed up for the reception. Grace was a big hit too. Of course, typically she is a big hit where ever she goes :-) But she didn't disrupt things once. Grace was such a good girl. Everybody said what a good baby she is. She hardly made a peep. And if she did make a peep it was a happy peep. While Mom was at the wedding Grace got to see her Me'me', Pe'pe' and her cousins Arianna and Landon. Grace really enjoyed that. Arianna and Landon are so sweet with Grace, and she loves her Me'me' and Pe'pe'. Me'me' loves holding and rocking Grace, and Pe'pe' is a champ at feeding her. Anyway, it was a great weekend. Grace, we love you so much and are so proud of you. Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl. And thank you to all the readers of this blog that Mommy set up. I'll be in touch soon to update you again. :-)

PS Mommy's birthday is next Thursday, July 9th!!!!!! :-) Happy Birthday, Jesse