Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos Ma'tee took

So here are the pics Ma'tee took during her visit. Thanks for taking all of these Ma'tee. We love you. They are great pics, so everyone enjoy.

I love my teddy and my baby doll :-)

And Elmo

And especially my Daddy :-)

Surprise, Surprise

Daddy, that tickles!!! :-)

Dad, you look funny!!!!

All of the pics are cute, but I really like the above pic. :-)

Aunt Katy

Don't let her fool you folks, she doesn't actually do any dishes :-)

You would imagine I would have destroyed these boys at scrabble. Well, lets just say we all had fun. There is no need to go any further than that. :-)

I really like this pic too.

Grace having fun with Mommy.

My two girls. :-)

Bowen jumping in the pool.

Toby doing a canon ball.

Grace taking her shoes off

Grace ready to go to the pool

Still waiting :-)

My future soccer star :-) I hope.

Good ole' Peter Cottontail.

Kicking the ball back in forth with Peter.

Grace practicing her footwork.


I think this is a funny pic of Bowen. :-)

Grace, Bowen and I busing a move.

I don't know what kind of move Bowen and I are busing. I don't think Grace know either. :-)

Mommy and Grace having some fun.

Grace giving me a kiss. She is so sweet. :-)

Don't ask. :-)

The young Buddha meditating. :-)

The young Buddha giggling. :-)

Grace looking out for here Daddy. :-)