Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My lil' Gracie Poo :-)

Hello readers, work has kept me busy, but I have finally found a minute to give you all a Grace update. And share some cute stories. :-)

While it is on my mind I'll go ahead and start with a cute story from last night. First I have to get you up too speed though. I'm not sure if I already told you all about the present one of Grace's great grandparents got her for Christmas. It is the book "The Night Before Christmas," but it is a recorded book told by Grace's great grandfather, better known as Papa. :-) This is an extremely special book that I personally will treasure for the rest of my life. And based off how much Grace enjoys it I imagine she will too. :-) We let Grace pick out two books to read each night. Last night one of the books she picked was "The Night Before Christmas." We've read it too her before and told her that this is her Papa telling her the story. So when Grace sees that book she thinks of her Papa. However, the book has a lot of pictures of Santa on it. So she also relates Papa with ole' Saint Nick. :-) Last night when we would turn to a page that had a clear picture of Santa Grace would be listening to Papa's voice and point at Santa and say Papa. :-) It was really sweet. I hope next time Grace sees her Papa she recognizes him even though he doesn't have a fluffy white beard and a red suit. :-) I'm sure once she hears Papa's voice she will realize who it is. :-)

Okay, so on to the Grace update: She is growing like a weed and learning so much. The other day was really warm, so I put Grace into some capris. At least they were capris when Mom made them a few months ago. Now they are like shorts. Oh, and her hair. It is getting so long, and it is just beautiful. I know I'm bias, but Grace really is a cutie pie. :-)

One of my favorite things is my ride home from work each day. It has really gotten exciting as of late. Every day I get home and Grace greets me with a big smile and big hug (which she has done for quite some time now), but she is also doing something completely new. Whether it be Grace's speech, or what she is learning, or whatever, every day she tops herself. So I find myself getting excited on my ride home from work to see what Grace is going to do today. :-)

Grace's speech is really coming together too. We have family dinner time every night, and Mom and I will ask Grace about her day. At first she would say a couple words and that would be that. But now she is putting full sentences together. It is really exciting. Oh, and Grace's memory is pretty good. Nothing gets by this girl. :-) Sometimes Mom and I will say something to her about a treat or something like that, and if we forget to give it to her or Grace's forgets about it the next morning she is asking for it. Another good example of how good her memory is getting is how she will have learned a song at daycare and will come home and start singing something Mom and I have never heard. She is also getting pretty good with her ABC's and her 123's. She doesn't have it down pat yet, but she can definitely fill in the blanks if Mom and I get her started.

Last night I was giving Grace a bath, and she had a bunch of her magnetic alphabet and numbers in the tub with her. I started asking her for a particular letter or number and it seemed like eveytime she was giving me the correct letter or number. We may have a genius on our hands. :-)

Grace, Mommy and I love you so much. You are growing so fast and learning so much!!! It is really exciting!!! :-) You are our little angel and always will be. Thank you for blessing our lives the way you have.

Everybody else, thanks for reading. I'll try to get back and post again soon, hopefully.