Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend at Me'me's

Grace spent this last weekend at her Me'me's house with her cousins, Arianna and Landon. She had a ball!!!!! Well, let me back up. Friday I took the day off to take Grace to a couple doctor appointments. She had to get her ears checked by the ENT doc and she had her three-year check up. The ENT check up went okay. One of Grace's ears still has a hole in it from the tube. So Mom and I are somewhat concerned about that. The doctor basically said all we can do right now is play it by ear, no pun intended. Hopefully it will heal up and Grace will be good to go. If not, then we will have to cross that bridge when it comes. I am happy to say the three-year check up went well. Grace got a few shots, but she took'em like a champ. Grace, don't worry, there will be no more shots until the four-year check up.

Anyway, after the appointments Grace and I drove down to Spartanburg to see Me'me' and Pe'pe'. That evening Me'me' took Grace, and went and picked up Arianna and Landon. Everyone had a good evening, and Arianna even helped me put Grace to bed. The next day was a lot of fun. The weather was decent, so the kids, including the neighbor Taylor, and I could play outside. Well Grace didn't stop the whole day. Whether we were playing hide and seek, tag, or just taking a walk she was on the move. That night after supper Grace, Landon, and Taylor sat down to watch a movie. Grace made it about half way through then it was lights out. :)

Sunday we hung out for a good part of the day. It was pretty chill. The kids played upstairs. I went up to check on them at one point. It was Grace, Arianna, and Taylor. I walked up and asked how everything was going. The only one that even remotely acknowledged me was the one I have no relation to at all. :) Grace and Arianna just kept playing. Taylor said were fine and that was it. I found that amusing. :)

So after all that we came home and Grace was happy to see her Mommy. Unfortunately, I did not get any pics, but I'm sure Mom will post some updated photos sooner than later.

Grace, Daddy and Mommy love you very much. You are a wonderful little girl, and you are growing up so well. What are you, but Mommy's and my reflection. We will always be here for you completely. Never forget that. You have blessed our lives, and we will do whatever we have to bless your life. Love you forever.