Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend with the Great-grandparents :-)

Well, we went to my folks house this weekend. Grace not only got to see her grandparents, but also her cousins, Landon and Arianna, and her great-grandparents, Ninnie and Papaw. I was really happy Grace got to see her Ninnie and Papaw. They haven't had many chances to see her, and I really wanted them to be able to enjoy Grace. I got some photos of her with Ninnie and Papaw, and I've posted them to the right.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. We got there a little after noon on Saturday. When we got there all of us went to the swimming pool. I got some really good pics of Grace in the pool too, and I'll post them above. After the pool we came home and just relaxed. My parents made a wonderful dinner for all of us. Everybody enjoyed. Oh, and the dip. :-) We have to talk about the dip, right Ninnie. :-) Sorry, inside joke between everbody there this weekend. Hehehe Other than that, we just really enjoyed each other's company. Grace showed off her two bottom teeth that she has cut. She practiced her walking with just about everybody. They were all so impressed with Grace. They all loved her smile and said how happy of a baby she is. Mom and I feel truly blessed and love our baby girl so much. She is my angel. I am a better man with her in my life. Thank you, Grace. I love you.
PS It was great seeing everybody. We love you all. Enjoy reading :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking steps :-)

So apparently, Grace took some steps. It happened at day care, so unfortunately, Mom and I were not there to see it. But Grace is on her way. :-) She also cut another tooth. This one is on the top. The teeth are exciting, but it is giving our little girl a tough time. It is pretty painful and is making for some tough sleeping. Mom and I are trying to take care of her though. We're using Oragel and trying to give her stuff to take her mind off the pain. Other than that Grace is doing great, and Mom and I are so proud of her!!!

Recently, I went to a wedding of some high school friends (my good friends AJ and Melissa). Mom and Grace were able to make it to the reception, and I was able to show both of them off to all my friends. Everybody loved both of them and we had a great time. They were all especailly taken with Grace. It took her a minute to get comfortable in the new setting, but once she did she warmed everybodies heart. We actually got a really good picture of her and myself high fiving each other. :-) If anyone knows me, they know I love the high five and I have taught Grace to give me a high five. She is a clever one. :-) Anyway, I'll be posting the pic for everybodies enjoyment. As always, thank you everyone for reading, and Grace, we love you!!!! :-)