Monday, April 25, 2011

More pics from the weekend

Fun Grace Weekend

Grace chilling on the front porch

Mom took these pics, so I don't know what Grace was upset about. But that is quite a face isn't it? :-)

I love this pic and I'm so glad you all get to see it, because it is a perfect example of how beautiful Grace's hair is.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Practice what you preach

Hello all. It has been a minute since I have got on here and posted anything and I'm sorry. Life has been a little busy and crazy lately, but that is another story for another blog. :-)

Now lets get to what this blog is all about: GRACE!!!!!!!!! Our little angel is doing great!!! Growing and learning more each and every day.

Grace's counting is really coming along. She can sometimes go to about twenty in english and ten in spanish. Grace is also doing pretty well with her alphabet. Sometimes she can all the way from A to Z. Mommy and I are working with her and I'm sure she'll have down pat in no time. :-) One Daddy's favorite characteristics about Grace is her imagination. She is so creative. All the time we are playing little games that Grace makes up, whether it be getting chased by a tiger or panda, or playing make believe in her kitchen. She is also very artistic. Especially as of late. Grace has a little easel with a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other. It seems like every day for the past few weeks Grace has sat down and drawn on the white board with her markers. We may have a little Da Vinci on our hands. :-) Well right now maybe more of a little Picasso. :-)

Okay, let me get to the title of this post. This is a really cute story. Well last night it wasn't entirely cute, but looking back it is. First you need to know Mommy and I are always teaching Grace to say Please and Thank you. Grace will ask for something and we will say "what do you say," and Grace will say Please or Thank you.

So last night Mommy and I were putting Grace to bed. Don't ask me why, but it seems that Grace has always had trouble going to bed on Thursday. Yesterday was Thursday. :-) She hasn't necessarily had trouble, she has just had more energy. And last night wasn't any different. Mommy and I were laying there with Grace, and Grace would be talking to herself or playing with her sippie cup. At the time it was getting a little frustrating, and I told Grace to give me her cup. Well what does Grace say? You guessed it: "What do you say, Daddy?" That kind of caught me off guard, but I eventually got it and said "Please." Then Grace comes right back with a "Now what do you say." So I said "Thank you." As I said Mom and I were both getting a little frustrated, but when Grace said that we both couldn't help but snicker a little. I'm telling you, this little girl doesn't miss a step. If we say something, you can guarantee Grace is listening and processing.

So what is the moral of the story. Daddy needs to start saying please and thank you I guess. :-) No, I do, but I guess we should all "Practice what we preach." Grace, thank you for the life lesson. I love you baby doll. You are Mommy and Daddy's little angel, and we thank God for you everyday.

Readers, thanks for reading. Sorry for my time in between post. I'll see if I can start getting on here a little more frequently. I'll also see if I can get some pictures of Gracie Lou on here. :-) You have got to see her. That hair is getting so long, and is just beautiful. Talk to you soon.