Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hello all, I haven't posted in a while, so I wanted to share some Grace time with you. ;) Anyway, Grace is doing well.  She had surgery on her ear a while back, but recently went for a check up and the doctor said Grace has healed up and concerning her ears, everything should be fine.  So that is wonderful news!!!! What is even better about that news is that Grace can get into the pool!!!!!  Finally!!!  She has been a real trooper about not being able to swim so far this summer.  So props to Grace!!!!  Grace didn't complain once while she couldn't swim.  Grace and I went to my parent's lake house in TN over memorial day.  Her cousins came too.  We all went out on the boat a couple time and her cousins went swimming in the lake.  Grace just sat on the boat having fun watching them swim.  You are a great girl, Grace!!!!  Love you baby doll.  But mom and I are both excited for her to be able to go swimming.  Perfect timing too, cause it has been hot lately.

Grace was allowed to run through sprinklers though.  When she had her cap on.  I'll let you all enjoy the pics on that.  She looks great in the cap, doesn't she? :-)

On mom's last post she talked about and shared some pictures of Grace making cupcakes.  I thought that was such a great idea I decided to do that with Grace also.  I took some pictures too.  You can enjoy that as well.

We recently went to Me'me' and Pe'pe's.  Grace had a ball seeing everybody.  Even her Uncle Corey. :-)

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